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1 Year

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February 24, 2014: Your mom calls with the terrible news. There are tears. There are no words.188745_969492901417_7582970_n

March 2014: We read and re-read the beautiful articles written about you and all of your accomplishments. We honour what would have been your 27th birthday.

April 2014: We obsessively read your old emails and Facebook messages and smile at your enthusiasm and zest for life. We think of all of the people you inspired with your bravery and willingness to share your melanoma journey.

10848019_10203784545110132_580936414258305905_nMay 2014: We honour you in a slideshow at our fundraiser event for melanoma awareness month. We all fall silent as your smiling face fills the screen knowing that no pictures can ever capture how beautiful you truly were.

June 2014: We re-watch your episode of Say Yes to the Dress. We smile listening to your Southern accent and seeing the sparkle in your eyes as you find your gown.

July 2014: We work on a website for you, trying to include all of the amazing tributes written about you – there are so many.1459801_10101888283601447_761839805_n

August 2014: We take the ALS ice bucket challenge and in addition to donating to ALS, we give money to the DCMF and other melanoma charities in your name.

September 2014: We create business cards to inform others about you and your website and to keep your legacy going. When they arrive, seeing your beaming smile when we open the package is like a gift.

Oc73214_10101143374091077_1917361068_ntober 2014: We think of you and Christopher on what should have been your anniversary. We remember your fantastic wedding and what a gorgeous bride you were.

November 2014: We are thrilled that your parents come to Toronto but know you should be here too – laughing as we peer down the depths of the glass floor of the CN tower. We brave the cold in Niagara Falls and think of you as we take in the magnificence of this world wonder.

December 2014 – We turn our thoughts to your family at Christmas and are thankful for your wonderful nieces and nephew that make your parents and siblings smile. 62349_10153753004335475_317979480_n (1)

January 2015 – We see in the new year. We whisper a toast to you and to the others who are no longer with us.

February 24, 2015 – We cannot believe the year has passed. We think of you with love. We think of your parents, siblings, family and friends and many admirers. The world remains a sadder place without you but your legacy is strong. You will never be forgotten.



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Christmas and 10 months


9 Months

9 months ago on a Monday just like today, with Carolina blue skies and the warm sun, our sweet Meredith went to be with our Lord.10420098_10203716472368356_875059030591335663_n
When tomorrow starts without me and I’m not here to see.
I know how much you love me as much as I love you. And each time you think of me I know you’ll miss me too.

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October 20th

2 years ago today was the happiest day of Meredith’s life. Two beautiful, loving people were married in the site of God and all of their family and friends. We fondly remember that wonderful October day and Meredith and Christopher’s joy.


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Until we Meet Again

601452_10101369174145957_721939706_nThe very talented Jon Michaels sang this beautiful song at Meredith’s service.  We will always be grateful to Jon for sharing his meaningful lyrics and gorgeous voice to commemorate our girl.

You can listen to the rest of Jon’s music here


Until We Meet Again

We never did say goodbye
But that’s how it goes.
You went away,
You couldn’t stay;
Now, I miss you so.
In my solitude,
I feel you still,
Knowing you always will be there
And everywhere
Watching over me, until we meet again.

Letting go is killing me
But it needs to be done.
You taught me, too,
You knew this day would come.
So it is and so I’m moving on,
Knowing you’re just beyond the stars,
Holding my heart,
Watching over me,
Until we meet again.

Ash to ash, dust to dust,
We live, we die, each one of us.
We feel the loss, but that’s the cost of life, Sweet life, sweet life.
One breath at a time
Is all I can do.
Every setting sun, every brand new dawn,
I’m closer to you.

As I gaze into the sky tonight,
That first bright light
I see, I know will be
You watching over me until we meet again.

Just keep watching over me
Until we meet again.

© 2005 Jon Michaels
Check Please Publishing / ASCAP

Dinah Brien
A Girl Like Me Music / ASCAP




6 Months

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So many people

419218_10100605678008337_688238754_nMeredith was an inspiration to so many people. Whether it was because of her brilliant smile, her amazing talents on the basketball court, her faith and devotion to God, her love of her family and friends, or how she handled and bravely battled a terrible disease, Meredith left an indelible impression on everyone she met (and even countless of people who never had the pleasure of being in her remarkable presence).

Having touched so many lives, it is not surprising that Meredith was a muse for bloggers and photographers and  many other creative folk.  How grateful we all are to have these lovely tributes to help us commemorate this wonderful young woman:

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