Faith, Grief

Until we Meet Again

601452_10101369174145957_721939706_nThe very talented Jon Michaels sang this beautiful song at Meredith’s service.  We will always be grateful to Jon for sharing his meaningful lyrics and gorgeous voice to commemorate our girl.

You can listen to the rest of Jon’s music here


Until We Meet Again

We never did say goodbye
But that’s how it goes.
You went away,
You couldn’t stay;
Now, I miss you so.
In my solitude,
I feel you still,
Knowing you always will be there
And everywhere
Watching over me, until we meet again.

Letting go is killing me
But it needs to be done.
You taught me, too,
You knew this day would come.
So it is and so I’m moving on,
Knowing you’re just beyond the stars,
Holding my heart,
Watching over me,
Until we meet again.

Ash to ash, dust to dust,
We live, we die, each one of us.
We feel the loss, but that’s the cost of life, Sweet life, sweet life.
One breath at a time
Is all I can do.
Every setting sun, every brand new dawn,
I’m closer to you.

As I gaze into the sky tonight,
That first bright light
I see, I know will be
You watching over me until we meet again.

Just keep watching over me
Until we meet again.

© 2005 Jon Michaels
Check Please Publishing / ASCAP

Dinah Brien
A Girl Like Me Music / ASCAP


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