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11 Months and Jersey Presentation

jerseyOn the 11 month anniversary of Meredith’s passing, Hopewell High  School presented Meredith’s jersey to us.  Meredith wore her  #24  jersey proudly while playing at Hopewell High.  She was the first athlete named to their Hall of Fame.

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So many people

419218_10100605678008337_688238754_nMeredith was an inspiration to so many people. Whether it was because of her brilliant smile, her amazing talents on the basketball court, her faith and devotion to God, her love of her family and friends, or how she handled and bravely battled a terrible disease, Meredith left an indelible impression on everyone she met (and even countless of people who never had the pleasure of being in her remarkable presence).

Having touched so many lives, it is not surprising that Meredith was a muse for bloggers and photographers and  many other creative folk.  How grateful we all are to have these lovely tributes to help us commemorate this wonderful young woman:

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Meredith: The Hall of Famer

To know Meredith is to know about her love of basketball.  One of Meredith’s proudest moments was when she was inducted into the USC Aiken Athletic Hall of Fame.  In a moving formal ceremony on February 17, 2012, Meredith took her rightful place as a Hall of Famer in women’s basketball.

You can read about this incredible moment for Meredith here and  here.