2017 Winner of the Meredith Legg award is….

2017 award winnerSYDNEY TOOLE!!!


Below is the beautiful announcement of this special award from the Mead Hall newsletter “In the Loop”


Dear Mead Hall families and friends,


Valor is a virtue reserved for a select few… knights in shining armor, pilgrims in foreign lands, patriots protecting their country, and one former Mead Hall basketball coach.
Meredith Legg wasn’t just any basketball coach. She coached our middle school girls basketball team to their first winning season, their first league championship…and their second!  She was a record-setting, all-time high scorer at USC-A.  She was Number 24.

Though Meredith was diagnosed with a rare form of melanoma at the age of 22, she refused to let cancer define her.  She kept loving her life, living her dreams, trusting God, and inspiring all who knew her.  When she died three years ago, Mead Hall established an award in her memory to honor a female basketball player who exhibited the faith, positive attitude, and determination Meredith possessed.

Last Thursday at Mead Hall’s winter sports award ceremony, Meredith’s parents, Basil and Robin Legg, presented the 2017 Meredith Legg award to Sydney Toole.  Sydney began playing for Meredith as a fourth grader.  The skills and the character that Meredith instilled in her players lives on in Sydney, her teammates, and the Mead Hall basketball program.  The seeds of valor have been planted; they have grown strong; they are bearing much fruit.

~ Mrs. Gordon


You have to give your best every day and never give up.


~ Meredith Legg Stapleton


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